Make your mornings sweeter

Want a way to enjoy Barton Sweetcorn all year long?  How about a sweet coffee mug with our classic farm truck?  It's the perfect pick-me-up for those early morning trips to the field.



The corn is ready!

For the first time in Barton sweetcorn history, we have fresh sweetcorn in JUNE! The hot humid days and frequent rain storms have given our corn a burst of energy and it just shot out of the ground this spring. We are now at the Lexington Farmers Market on Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays with fresh from the field Ambrosia sweetcorn. This bi-color corn has been a huge hit with our customers and we've finally got it back in stock.  Drop by our green truck for a fresh dozen today!


Lift Off!

First day of corn


We had a great first day of selling sweet corn on Thursday.  The weather was dry and relatively cool in the morning. Customers really seem to enjoy our Ambrosia variety of corn.  It's a bi-color with both yellow and white kernels. We actually had someone buy our corn for lunch, eat it at home and return a hour later to tell us how much she enjoyed it.  She like it so much she bought three more dozen to put up that afternoon.  That's a true fan of sweet corn.

On Saturday, we'll be at the corner of Short Street and Upper Street in downtown Lexington.

Drop by and see us.


It's the season...

Barton Sweet Corn sales at Farmers Market


July is finally here and the Bartons are almost ready for our 25th season of sweet corn. The weather has brought us plenty of rain with hot humid nights making the growing season ideal this year. We enjoyed cooking up some early corn ears over the holiday and it was just about perfect. It only needs a few more days to really fill out. 


Look for our corn truck soon at Lexington Farmers' Market in downtown Lexington, Ky.


New threads for the new season

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